About us

Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can create a better community.

Baringo Women and Youth Organization (BWYO) was launched on 15th January 2019.  BWYO consist of a Management Committee and a secretariat who initiated the formation of this organization with the aim of addressing women and youth issues at Baringo County both locally, nationally and internationally. BWYO was founded therefore to provide a springboard from which pastoralists’ minority communities in Baringo can amplify their voices and articulate, advance their development needs, aspirations, priorities and social needs and constantly engaging the government and other shareholders accountable.


It aims to accomplish these through both legal and constitutional means. Key issues include but not limited to: rights to self-determination, rights to social, cultural and economic empowerment, right to self-expression and right to a healthy and clean environment conducive to human habitation.

The organization works closely and in partnership and in complimentary relations with all those who believe and cherish the kind of ideals we intend to promote.

Poor physical infrastructure, poverty, insecurity, lack of market for livestock, climate change, inadequate social facilities and information and low levels of participation in the formal education systems and poor performance characterize the minority communities and these conditions contribute extreme levels of poverty among the minority communities in Baringo County.

Our approach

Our Mission
The organization mission is “To lobby and advocate for rightful position of the Baringo’ Women and Youth minority communities in all spheres of life and development”. 
Our Vision
Prosperous Minority Communities
Our Partners